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For almost three decades, Clam has stood out in the sustainability consulting market with a unique and innovative approach based on market intelligence. Our work consists of assisting organizations in becoming leaders in sustainable practices, effectively responding to the growing expectations of consumers, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders. Clam's differentiator lies in the combination of strategic insights with the ability to operationalize them effectively.

Throughout this period of operation, Clam has accumulated extensive expertise in various disciplines related to Integrated Environmental Management and Corporate Sustainability, with a broad and significant track record of services and projects carried out, both in the industrial sector and in mining, energy, oil and gas, agroforestry, and general services. It has a multidisciplinary technical team, composed of 600+ collaborators, including field professionals and specialists.

We work tirelessly, aiming to ensure that our actions are geared towards enabling the planet to evolve in a more balanced and sustainable manner.



Act proactively in favor of sustainability of society and natural resources.


To provide innovative solutions with emphasis on customer satisfaction, the evolution and recognition of employees, the sustainability of business and the development of communities, generating value for shareholders.


To be a reference and leader in the segment we operate in, internationally recognized for delivering innovative solutions, technical excellence and the ability to attract and retain talent.

We respect the human beings

  • We treat everyone how we would like to be treated.
  • We respect and value employees.
  • We are transparent and truthful in interpersonal relationships.

We cultivate a positive mindset

  • We are committed to success.
  • We always act as owners of the company.
  • Our team is our strength.
  • We innovate and transform.

We work efficiently and effectively

  • We do more and better with less.
  • We always try to be the best at what we do.

We always improve our management and leadership

  • We educate by example, with discipline and commitment.
  • We comply with our agreements without neglecting to contribute to continuous improvement.
  • We standardize and implement best practices.

We act and evolve with humility

  • We understand that success is constantly being built.
  • We act with simplicity.
  • We always aim at learning more and we are never satisfied.

Maximum care

Health and safety, our priorities

Clam has specialized, dedicated teams, with maximum attention and effort in the management of occupational health and safety, an issue of recognized importance by all employees and senior management.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Promote the health and physical and mental integrity of employees;
  • Identify, manage, and reduce risks associated with processes and services provided; 
  • Work preventively to reduce risks to the health and safety of employees;
  • Comply with legal requirements for Health and Safety defined by competent authorities;
  • Develop and continuously optimize processes related to Health and Safety;
  • Operate with the commitment to involve employees in matters and decisions related to HSE.
1. Promote the health and physical and mental integrity of employees;
2. Identify, manage and reduce the risks associated with the processes and services provided;
3. Work preventively to reduce risks to the Health and Safety of employees;
4. Comply with the legal Health and Safety requirements defined by the competent authorities;
5. Continuously develop and optimize processes related to Health and Safety;
6. Act with the commitment to involve employees in matters and decisions related to OH&S.

Socio-environmental initiatives

Projeto Alazão

Clam values and knows its responsibility to invest in actions that help transform the world into a better place. Alazão Project works with the reception and treatment of large animals that are victims of abuse and neglect.

Meet our


José Cláudio Vieira

Commercial Director

José Cláudio Nogueira Vieira heads the commercial and market intelligence department. He is a Civil Engineer (UFMG, 1996) with a postgraduate degree in Real Estate Project Management from FUMEC and an MBA in Finance from the Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets.



Leonardo Oliveira

Director of Operations

Leonardo comanda as operações da Clam. Formado em Engenharia Civil (UFMG, 1996), com Mestrado em Engenharia Ambiental (Hidrogeologia e Contaminação de Solos, UFMG, 1999) e Doutorado na mesma área pela Universidade de Michigan (EUA, 2004).

Marcelo Figueiredo

Administrative and Financial Director

Marcelo é o responsável por toda a gestão administrativa e financeira da Clam. É Engenheiro Civil, graduado pela Escola de Engenharia da UFMG, em 1996, com diversos cursos e pós-graduações na área.

Rodrigo Lisboa

Director of Development

Rodrigo leads Clam's teams in project development and the creation of new business opportunities. He holds a degree in Biological Sciences and Environmental Management from PUC-Minas and a postgraduate degree in Environmental Project Management, also from PUC-Minas.

Daniela Pedroza

ESG Director

Daniela oversees the company's sustainability area. She holds a degree in Environmental Engineering, a postgraduate degree in Business Management from FDC, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Technology from IFMG. In addition, she is certified as a Board Member by IBGC..

Our team


Desde 2023 a CLAM Meio Ambiente tem se comprometido com o Pacto Global da ONU, que versa a respeito da reponsabilidade de iniciativa corporativa e seus princípios nas áreas de direitos humanos, trabalho digno, meio ambiente e anticorrupção.

We support

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In 2023, we achieved ISO 45001 certification in Occupational Health and Safety Management System by RINA, an internationally recognized organization. This credential highlights our continuous commitment to the safety and health of our employees, aligned with international best practices.

Certified by

Clam is recognized for competence by ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories for the following scope:
- Sampling in raw water, treated water, drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, sludge, and sediments matrices, as well as in situ parameters: pH, electrical conductivity, redox potential, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and residual chlorine;
- Vibration monitoring;
- Sound pressure level monitoring.

The full scope of Clam can be viewed on the page of the Rede Metrológica de Minas Gerais (RMMG): Find more

Certified by

In 2023, Clam's efforts towards global business excellence through verification of company operations records were recognized by Dun & Bradstreet. The Data Universal Numbering System conferred on this occasion is a universal identification that authenticates the existence of the company, to increase trust in this brand and facilitate commercial transactions.

Certified by

Certificado DUNS

In August 2020, awarding the efforts made by its employees, Clam was recognized for its performance in the Legal Compliance Assessment conducted between 08/04/2020 and 08/06/2020 by the Health and Occupational Safety Management of the Vale’s Special Board for Redress and Development.

Certified by


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In 2018, we were pleased to receive the Safety Quality Award, which we accepted with great pride due to our performance in Vale's Eliezer Batista Complex Project (S11D).

Certified by


In 2021, we were chosen as Outstanding Suppliers in Minas Gerais. Award received for our performance in the Contract Management and Environment of Vale's South/Southeast Corridor.

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Documentary Evaluation



Assessment of Physical Conditions



Assessment of Physical Conditions



We are committed to the future, and you can be a part of it.