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In an increasingly urgent and competitive business world, ensuring organizational sustainability
On World Mining Day, celebrated on May 7th, it is crucial to reflect not only
The planting of seedlings plays a crucial role in the recovery of degraded areas, helping to restore damaged ecosystems and promote biodiversity regeneration
At the forefront of sustainability, CLAM presents new strategies for organizations on the journey towards SUSTAINABILITY
Establishing the concepts of ESG and Corporate Sustainability requires a high level of commitment, but the benefits
Environmental Education, based on legislation, plays a crucial role in managing oil and gas ventures
Learn about CLAM Environment's leadership in the sustainability scene. Find out how we became
The Vice-Governor provided an overview of the situation in Minas Gerais regarding ways local governments and the private sector can work together to implement
Globally, there has been a growing search for sustainable sources of energy generation in recent years
Belo Horizonte hosted the first meeting of the Association of Municipalities and Environment - section