Our values

At CLAM, we cultivate a positive mindset and are committed to success.
Our team innovates and transforms.

Our team

We are committed to diversity and inclusion

We are dedicated to building a team in which diversity in ideas and identities is not only recommended, but encouraged.

Why choose CLAM

We respect the human beings

At CLAM we treat everyone as we would like to be treated. In addition, we always aim at respecting and valuing employees and we are also transparent and truthful in our interpersonal relationships.

We cultivate a positive mindset

We are all committed to success. We believe that our team is our strength. We innovate and transform and we believe that always acting as owners of the company is the best way.

We work efficiently and effectively

At CLAM we always try to be the best at what we do. We do more and better with less.

We always improve our management and leadership

All of us at CLAM aim at teaching by example, always with discipline and commitment. We deliver on our promises. We standardize and implement best practices while contributing to the continuous improvement of processes.

We act and evolve with humility

We understand that success is in constant construction. We act with simplicity, always aiming at learning more and we are never, ever satisfied.

Our priority

First things first

CLAM has specialized teams dedicated to good management of health and safety at work, a subject to which special care is given. The health and safety of our employees is the foundation that strengthens our company.


Our employees say

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